October 11, 2010
I never knew the world was cruel
when I was there above the rest,
but fate has played me for a fool
and now the uphill climb's my test.

And mercy hasn't hide nor hair
been seen here where I now reside.
I see a brighter light up there;
to stay or climb I must decide.

For if I stay I’ll sit here with
the people who all fell like me
down from success, that rocky cliff,
forever in sad reverie.

They sit and wish they’d climbed again
picked up their broken pride and gone,
and slowly, surely, they’d have been
On top again, their journey done.

But no, they stayed in caves of pride
too proud, too scared, to shamed to go;
I look at them as they all hide
and scale the rocky ground below.

Above me the imposing rock
smiles with its jagged lines.
My heart is ticking like a clock
I take a breath; I start to climb.

Although sharp and rough, the wall,
and dizzying, the deadly drop,
I know that I will give it all
to once again stand proud on top.

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