Behind The Door

October 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Looking from the corner of her eye
She sees and feels It
Breathing on her neck
Goosebumps tainting her skin
It pleads to her
To the point where she cannot bare it
She can no longer hide
Running from it
She takes a path full of dark green mystery
Its hands pulling her from under
She stumbles begging for mercy
In her face It laughs
And showers her with pain
Panting, she screams for salvation
It stalks her from behind ready to take a hold
Nails ready to pierce her skin
While snarling under its breath
Teeth ready to savor her cries
Storming down the path
She spots a small wooden door
Sighing in relief knowing
That behind the door
Lies another day
Another day where this time
She will have courage to fight back

The author's comments:
this is about a girl who hates her way of life and wants to run away from it but can't she's afraid to control it so she runs

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