Those Were The Lovely Bones

October 12, 2010
The site that was never to be seen,
How did it happen?
Occurred without a moment of thinking twice.
Seemed like everything was gone;
End of my life was there.

When I made it up to here
Every part of my life changed.
Rethinking about it, was just a mistake,
Even just talking about it to others.

Time came by, I just wanted to tell my parents
How was that possible?
Earth people cannot hear me, why am I trying?

Like others up here, I appeared in the “MISSING”
Over and over again
Victims were found more with him around.
Eavesdropping above the ones I love and miss,
Life had become harder for them with me gone
Yet I still wanted him gone and me still living.

But with me gone everything has changed,
Others came over and my sister got a boyfriend.
Nothing was the same but it was happy at the end,
Ending of my life and coming back was the right thing to do.
So those were the lovely bones that were to be known.

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