My Endless Love

October 11, 2010
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My love for you is endless
and yet you made me hopeless.
My love for you is endless
but here I am, so helpless.

I really thought you loved me too--
I'm such a fool to make belief.
My heart was full of love for you,
but now there was nothing but grief.

I don't want to believe
that I fell in love with you.
And I don't want to believe
that you're my first love too.

It seemed so impossible--
to be really fooled by you.
It seemed so impossible,
but I can't deny it's true.

With every drop of tears
that fall because of what you do,
my love vanishes and so did my fears
and now all I wanted is to hate you.

Oh how I wish I could hate you.
How I wish I could forget you!
But why, why can't I simply do it?
Until now, there's this feeling like heat.

Now I know you blocked my mind.
Now I know you made me blind.
You are so irresistible
and simply too lovable.

To you I can't help but give
my very endless love.
'Till now I want to believe
that in return you'll give your love.

My endless love is only for you.
Will your endless love be mine too?
For sure, my endless love is just for you.
Please say that yours is forever mine too.

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