Waiting on Love

October 11, 2010
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So it’s ten years to the day since the first time we met
It seems like only yesterday, just two kids with no regrets
I never thought we’d get this far, you always seemed unsure
I gave and gave you everything, but you always wanted more.
Do you remember that winter day we went to the park?
Or even the first time we kissed, I swear there was a spark.
Or how about those late summer nights, the ones that never end
You swore you’d never leave my side, a promise you’d have to bend.
Your senior year came and went and soon it was time to choose
What was it going to be, was I someone you’d have to lose?
I guess I still don’t understand why you chose to stay
You could have had everything; all it took was to walk away.
That following year you became my rock, the one who kept me sane
I never thought I’d need someone to help me through all this pain.
You’re the only one I know, who understands my ways
You and me, that’s how I want it to be for the rest of our days.
I swear I’m trying to make a point; these words are not for show,
My heart is racing faster and faster and it’s time for me to go.
This plane won’t wait too much longer and I’ve got some things to say,
I may be leaving soon for Afghanistan, but I won’t go until I get my way.
I want your hand in marriage; I want you to be my bride,
I know this all seems spontaneous, but I need you by my side.
I’ve got a ring, I need a date, and I promise I’ll be home in time
This war may be dragging on, but nothing will keep me from making you mine.
Please don’t cry, I’ll be fine, I’ll back before next Fall,
And then you’ll see what we can be, baby we’ll have it all.

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