I belong with DADDY

October 11, 2010
By , Daleville, VA
Holding my hand as we walked away,
Dear mother you took me from daddy.
I screamed and cried,
And you carried me away.
Now I am too big to carry,
You grab my arm and try to drag me away.
But I am daddy’s girl so this time I’ll stay,
And its my turn to watch you walk away.
He paid for my car so now I drive,
And you just watch me speed away.
I really do love you but I wish you would stop,
Making me leave was never the answer.
I am old enough to make my own decisions,
And I will never really leave you for good.
I visited you last week,
And you smiled from ear to ear.
One day you will understand why I preferred to be raised by a man,
And then maybe I will stay and never go away.

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