A Conversation

October 7, 2010

"And how are you?"
"I'm fine thank you, how do you do?"
"I do quite well thanks. Who are you?"
"I'm you."
"You're me? That can't be true!"
"It is quite true, if you will see."
"You can't be me, that cannot be!"
"It can be, sir, just please trust me."
"I trust you, sir, but what you say is hard to hear, sir. Go away!"
"I cannot leave, because, you see, you must believe, sir. Believe me!"
"If what you say is really true, then you are me and... I am you?"
"Exactly, sir, and now you see that I am you and you are me!"
"This is quite strange, I've made it clear."
"Don't worry sir, you should not fear. For I am just a homely mirror."

The author's comments:
Talking with someone familiar

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