October 7, 2010
By OliverKent GOLD, Georgetown, Ohio
OliverKent GOLD, Georgetown, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it." - Lewis Carroll
"...there it is [the moral]." - The Things They Carried pg. 13

Stringing your faults
Teaching your untaught eyes
Teaching your feet the waltz
Smiling at your unfinished tries

Take your time
I own this star
Every word you can mime
Is lifted somewhere far

Making each part
From well-oiled scraps
Each day's a new start
Untie your heart wraps

Simplicity reigns here
So I hand-made you
It's like sanctuary, dear
Forget everything you knew

Artificial, but your passion is real
Made from a fraction of my own
Still there's an abundance that you feel
Dance or stay still, let the music drone

My empty gestures fill with magic
And I bring you to life
Nothing here is tragic
Nothing here brings strife

Don't let them tell you your voice is from a music box
Don't believe that your skin is unfeeling
Because you can hear how they're fake in their talks
Because they've never felt a thing beyond a sunburn peeling

You've felt a rainstorm and a single raindrop
You've felt a flock of butterflies and the flap of a single wing
You've seen the moon from a mountaintop
And you've seen the fraying of a drowning string

There is nothing about you that puts me on edge
And there is nothing that I'd do to harm you, little one
That is something I will give you, my dearest, a pledge
That everything I did before is over and done

Your eyes are glittery, is it make up or tears
Oh, you can tell me anything real
Let me wash away your sanity and fears
Let me hide away the pain that you feel

Your way of moving is natural to me
Nothing wrong about you, dear porcelain girl
Just like a second language in vocabulary
So do not listen to the lies that they swirl

You're just as real as the heart that still beats
Even better since there's one in your chest
So snuggle up in my cold linen sheets
I think it's time for you to rest.

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