A Letter to the Little Follower Boy

October 7, 2010
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Oh, how we used to be such friends,
Drowning in our feral worlds, only wanting to believe,
And the daydreams come so sweet we hate the ends,
But there comes a time when you have to leave.

You've gotta grow up, you've gotta mature,
You've gotta sit straight, you've gotta sit still,
Walk with perfect posture,
And I hope I will.

But I've got the secret to coming back to you,
I'll cast out my line on the empty, war-torn skies,
And after all these lessons well that's just what I'll do,
So I can look you in the eyes.

And who knows maybe I'll catch the corner of me that never left,
Maybe I'll see you in the morning after all the light has fallen,
And I hope I steal you so fast that it seems like theft,
You know I'll answer when you're callin'.

My little follower boy,
I know it's hard on you, left alone while I must learn,
But I hope you have all that joy,
Knowing that I will return.

So you just try to be patient now,
And think yourself lucky that you can sit and rest,
When I'm back you can tell me how,
It went in your story-nest.

And even with all your tales that piled so high,
I think I'll have the most to tell,
About that grown-up sky,
And until then I wish you well.

My little follower boy,
I envy all your dreams when you sleep,
And how you can play without a toy,
And all those adventures into the deep.

How you speak without my fear,
How you seemed to stay so new,
How you can have those you hold dear,
And how much you made me miss you.

I'll come back some day,
To the shore with all the magic,
To the dreams we used to play, and you can bet I'll stay,
And I'll show you my first trick.

I'll come back some day,
But 'til then don't you worry,
'Cause I'll make sure you're okay,
And I'll make sure to hurry.

My little follower boy, how do you do it?
I love how you're always there, when you're so far away,
I'll come back, even if it means bit by bit,
I'll do it, and I'll stay, so come what may.

'Cause I'll see you again,
I swear I'm true,
So when I knock let me in,
I will see you.

My little follower boy, I never wanted to leave you,
So believe me when I say it,
But there was just so much I had to do,
There was just so much I didn't get.

Oh, and did you grow up too?
'Cause that's so hard to believe,
There is so much I need to tell you,
But right now, just know that I won't leave

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