Catch Me

October 7, 2010
By OliverKent GOLD, Georgetown, Ohio
OliverKent GOLD, Georgetown, Ohio
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"Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it." - Lewis Carroll
"...there it is [the moral]." - The Things They Carried pg. 13

Setting up cameras so you can catch her stealing,
And blowing up the fissures so they take the whole city,
But you still can't see the shadows reeling,
Catch me, catch me, catch me.

Why, when the summers begin to wear down through,
And when the winters cease to follow,
Am I still drawn to you,
In the pool's deepest swallow?

There are no words between us,
Because the air is stretched too thin,
So I still push and I still fuss,
In the mud I've fallen in.

Catch me,
When all the burdens miss the melody,
When all the birds fly to where you'll be,
You'll find me.

Once the waxes spurn the candle,
The flames all lose their home,
Shadows become more than I can handle,
And the wicks remain in the history tome.

I'm lost in the ocean full of green tea,
The bubbles burn,
But it's all supposed to heal me,
And it's too late to turn.

Dust gathers at the hollow of my throat,
And flowers tumble in the window I've left open,
All because it's been so long since I last wrote,
So I pick the pen up and let hope in.

Catch me,
Around the trunk of the willow tree,
And tell me once more how I'm free,
You'll find me.

Oh, find me.
Catch me, catch me.
Catch me.
Catch me.

The author's comments:
I like this one.

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