Just Another Day

October 7, 2010
By Anonymous

Alone in my room
the darkness encloses
warping my mind
and casting eerie poses.
This is the side
that you'll never see
this is the side
the side that screams me.
My wishes
they taunt me
my dreams
they haunt me.
If I'd allow my
desires to unfold
This is the story
that would be told...
Girl found dead
at 7:02
Wonder what she was thinking
how about you?
Wrists split
straight open
So many words
left unspoken.
Tear soaked
facin' toward the
Mascara streaks
marring her face
sliding down gently
as if they were lace.
This I say
is vulnerability at it's best
the only time you saw it
is when she was at rest.
Parents didn't care
that's what the note read
This is the end of suffering
that's all that was said.
One lengthy slice
and life slipped away
but what can I say
it's just another day.

The author's comments:
I'd like to capture the attention of anyone who feel the way this piece describes. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I was there at one point in time but you don't have to be. Please if you feel this way contact someone. No matter what people tell you, you have been given a live to live not to throw away.

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