the way you are

October 7, 2010
you treat me like you dont even care. you treat me like im not even there.i feel like you dont love me.i feel like u dont want me. to you, i'm no one. to you im just another person on this planet we call earth. it seems like you do care, never have and never will.the way i want you to be is only a dream i drea. every now and then i'll cry my self to sleep because i know that dream will never be. can't you see? i need you, i need you to love me. why cant you just tell me? take me out of this misery. out of this pain you've caused me? i cry out for you're help and u just ignore me.why can'y tou help? better yet, why wont you help? daddy i need you don'y you see? do you not know? or just not care? i need these questions anwsered because its only fair.

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