October 3, 2010
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Its half past midnight
Darkness creeps except for a sliver of moonlight
Walking through I see graves afar
Gazing up to find the first star

The air I breath is doomed by a horrible atmosphere
Isolation and death drags upon earths sphere
Choking, Grasping whatever it can get
Fooling, Tricking, making everyone forget

I proceed, sensing the air getting hazy
My mood drooping down into the doldrums, getting all the more lazy
'Click' 'Click' Stepping closer I look
Jumping back with a cry as the object shook

Hear the cry of the bloodthirst ghoul
To think myself a fool
For I'm the idiot who opened Pandora's Box
I courageously look the ghoul in the eyes to find I have mistaken it for a fox

Swiftley walking past
My eyes catch a creature just as fast
The height of a skyscraper with the windspan of eleven of my friend Evan
An angel fallen from Heaven

Creeping closer, Crawling closer
The demons face was one off a poster
Weeping, Wailing, Groaning while it slithered toward me
Wrapping its fingers around me like a rope as it gags me while I try to break free

Death drawn across my forehead as the mouth opens to the beast
I surrender myself as its feast
Gazing forwards I stare death in the eye, dreading nothing but doom
Shrieking, I awake to find myself sweaty, lying in my dim-lit room

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