"I Am Not A Religion"

November 6, 2007
Who made me your Jesus?
I never asked to save you, yet
Here I am, living my life for you
Since when did I become so selfless, so
Unaware of myself?
Did you want me as your Messiah?
I didn’t think you needed one, yet
Here I go, comforting you in your tears
What do you have to cry about?
Who will be there to comfort me?
Did you think about that?
Ever consider my perspective, and you can taste
The blood on my tongue from oozing teeth marks
Migraines throb and ache with
Your needs, your wants
Did you ever ask me how my day was, or
What I did yesterday? Maybe
But I never heard those words
How did you think I felt when you told me
About your dead father, your
Twelve-hour boyfriend?
Did you forget I had a crush
On him for six years? Thought so
Do you think I cared when
You laid on me the details of the concert
You invited three other friends to?
What happened, only
Three extra tickets?
Come on, just try to
Sulk on my shoulder
I’m through being your savior
Because when were you there to save me?

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