November 6, 2007
Is there a reason
Why you're gone
Was it a sign for me to move on
It's crazy that you were just here
And now i can't see you
I can't help but shed tears
Because i can't believe it's true
You were who i wanted to be
But now i don't know
Because all i have now to look up to
Is a memory
Still is there a reason
Why it happened
Was it something God planned
Or was it an accident
You took my stabilty
And my crutch
Now i have to learn to walk freely
Eventhough i miss you soo much
These tears are almost dry
But it doesn't mean the pain isn't there
Water doesn't have to come out of my eyes
For you to see the pain i feel inside
I know you'll always be there looking down on me
But i can't look up and see you
I know you'll always be there to protect me
But i'll never get to thank you
Now that you're gone i have soo much to say
Where were all these words
When i knew you wouldn't stray
I let petty aruguements ruin our life
Now all i have are the tears i cry
All i have now is pain left inside
All that is left is an empty hole
That nothing can close
But your memory
Will always be
The reason why i close my eyes
Late at night
And live my life
Just how you wanted it to be.

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