God won’t return my postcards

November 6, 2007
God won’t return my postcards

Time was turning,
Sun was burning.
Waves crashed upon the land
On bended knee, that was me,
Praying in the sand

“Lend a hand, to a desperate man.
A ram amongst the flock, I buck my head
As I go to bed and wonder who I am.”

“I’ve sinned before, to things I’ve swore, and walked within the light
Seen lonely times, used cheesy rhymes, and have had sleepless nights”

“I have wealth, and food, and blessings of which to spare.
To those who see me I’m a simple man with neither worry nor care.”

“But everyday I stop to pray and worship in appreciation.
I’ve never heard your voice, to me it seems you’re on vacation.”

As I lay upon the shore, the seagulls overhead.
A man Kneeled down beside me and whispered ...He’s dead.

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