November 6, 2007
By alex hocking, Catskill, NY


Gaurdian Angels to most people, are inoncent, quite, reserved and help you out when you are ever in trouble.

Well my Gaurdian angel is not inoncent, quite, or reserved. But my gaurdian angel does help me out when I am in trouble.

My gaurdian angel is always there for me when I am sad. My angel cared about me in every way possible. Whenever I was sad,they were always there for me holding my hand, telling me that ther loved me and that everything will be alright. It always did to.

My personal guardian angelfirst showed up in my life, when I was in a dark place for awhile. Thinking of things of sucide and self affliction. When my personal gaurdian angel showed,I started to see brighter things of life, knowing the thought that some one actually cared about me.

My personal gaurdian angel is similar to me in ways. My angel has many problems also.My angel thinks the same way as I do to.

The only difference between me and my angel. Is that my angel is still in a dark place.

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midi1395 said...
on Sep. 28 2008 at 11:42 pm
wow u summed up wat im feeling except im still in the dark and my guardian angel isnt


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