In my life love and happiness can not be found

November 6, 2007
In my life love and happiness can not be found
My empty heart and my lost soul wander around to find the missing answer
To why you caused this confusion inside and this empty space

I need to know now why you had to just up and leave
You left me with no reason or explanation to why you had to go
You were my idle my hero and now there’s nothing left to show

You’re an image a person now just another face
Everything was fine and simple life was going great
So I thought till the morning when I found out you were gone
I looked and looked not even a trace

You left nothing, no note not even a letter
From sunrise to sundown I bowed my head hoping to see
That at the end of my prayer when I open my eyes
The door would open and there you’d be

Now I am here thirteen years later, only to hate
You, the one who I dreamed of seeing thinking I could not wait
Matter of fact I don’t need you anymore, you came too late

Sixteen years ago I know you knew
The responsibilities and things you had to do
If you didn’t plan on being there
Tell me why you bothered
In trying to take the role as my friend
None the less as my father

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