Forgive. Not Forget

November 6, 2007
Forgive. Not Forget

Little blonde, blue–eyed girl, living with mommy.
Only five years old and
Seeing the world for the first time.
An innocent, beautiful child,
Knowing nothing more than fairytales.

Daddy lives far away.
She only sees him now and then,
When mommy doesn’t want her.

Her outer happiness and laughter are adorable,
But inside, this little one hides something.
A memory that left her angry and afraid.

For the rest of her life, she’ll never forget.
Why did this happen?
How could this happen?
Nights of tears and sickness…
She’ll never know.

Mommy’s boyfriend hurt her.
Why would he want to touch her?
What should she do,
and would mommy listen?

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