November 6, 2007
To try to crawl
Out of the depths of darkness
That I have chosen to fall into
The thought that in my head
Just simply does not exist
Something that cannot be forced upon me
Even by myself
I no longer have
I remain a beaten boy
With no more fight as I fall into the darkness
Which is my one and only light
On the night
That hope chose to fail us
As I squeeze this wound
That will forever bleed
And for all eternity that will remain unseen
Ill unleash my seed
Full of deceit
As it reaps
All of you maggots and creeps
My revenge will be carried out
Far after I will leave
The key is to just believe
It don’t matter
If I cease to stand and fight
For everything whether how wrong or how right
Just as long as I am followed
These words are not swallowed
But passed on
When I am gone
Spoken by another soldier waging bloody war
To try to breathe
While still conveying my belief
Persevering and struggling
All while hiding what lies beneath
That now exists
Something that I now have
As I walk this lonely path
That I have gained
As I remained
A boy without no home

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