November 6, 2007
By Nicole Ellis, Oxford, MI

I felt you in my heart
Flowing through a certain part,
I’m looking back in my memory
Seeing how we was so happy,
I miss you in a special way
Can’t stop thinking of you and just wanted to say,
I love you baby boy and will never stop
I have certain people on a ladder and you’re on top,
You are my one and only
Without you I’m lonely,
I want to be your wife
Cause I can’t live without you in my life,
No guy can compare to you
I can’t love a guy as much as I love you,
I wonder what would’ve happened if we stayed together
Would we have been together forever?
I remember your smell
Everyone can tell,
I miss you so much
I have always loved your touch,
I looked at our pics
And it clicked,
We are a good couple
Since you’ve been gone vie been in trouble,
I wonder why
You went buh bye,
At night I'm crying
I’m always trying,
To be good but I can’t cuz you’re gone
I’m afraid your going to say were done,
We was so happy
Now I'm in misery,
You was my first
I guess I was your worst,
It couldn’t be
I thought you loved me,
I guess not
Now I’m screaming in a pot,
Well I guess ill go
I love you, yo

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