Count to Ten

November 6, 2007
By Gerald Crum, Red Oak, TX

Count to Ten

Once more my tears wave goodbye.
A loose gesture among others.
I cope, count to ten, return normality.
Salt dries but reflects the day we said hi.
One through ten, way its always been.
Each count a plea, save the selfish me.
Painted across my pupil’s gaze, the smile.
Which will never cease to amaze, the heart.
Love is a frugal toddler with a toy.
Used up, broken, scratched, neglected.
Bottom of the chest, dust blankets, cozy.
Six, stop to breathe, jealousy shutter, coy.
One through ten, ten, I knew it then.
Each count a plea, please let go of me.
The scar complex, years to cover, happy.
Pain laments the present, its over, birthday.
Once upon a time, it felt so right.
Once upon a time, I cried all night.
I count, one through ten. Stopped, wonder.
Never tried to go to eleven. A mere second more.

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