I am giving up on looking for you.

November 6, 2007
I am giving up on looking for you.
I'm starting to believe that love isnt true.
Cant seem to find you anywhere.
Went all the way to Florida but didn't see you there.
Now I don't know what else to do.
Except sit around and wait for you.
But my love life clock is ticking away.
and everytime I think of love, there goes another day.
Sometimes I'm wondering if that special boy is hiding insiade someone I already know.
So if your out there baby can you please let me know.
Fate used to be something that I believed in.
Its clear to me that whats going on is not what I'm seein.
Thinkin that when I see you there will be hearts in the air.
when I go to hug you I realize your not there.
Realizing your no where to be found.
Now I feel like a lost puppy stuck in the pound.
All I'm looking for is that one special boy.
Who will love me, trust me and fill my life up with joy.
A lot isn't what I'm asking for.
He doesn't even have to hold open the door.
I just want him to be there right by my side.
And have him be someone I can trust and confide.
Dislike that shady type.
You never know when there gonna snipe.
True love is wanted by many.
But its not as easy as finding a lucky penny.
The warmth of your touch is what I yearn for the most.
If my body was a party then you would be the host.
When I find you I will never let you go.
Because I know what you will be perfect from head to toe.
The thought of one day meeting you makes my heart skip a beat.
Hoping that your love won't fall and crumble down to my feet.
Your love is the key.
And my heart is the locket.
I wish I could fold you up and keep you safe in my pocket.
Hoping that the pocket will never rip.
Because then you will fall out and your glass heart would chip.
Not even super glue could fix that corner of the heart.
That shows a piece of our love has already broke apart.
No matter what we do or say we would never be the same again.
We would no longer be lovers you would have to just consider us friends.
Because once we lose trust in eachother that hole can never be replaced.
Trying to fill that hole would just be a waste.
None of this has happened yet.
Theres no reason to feel regret.
We must meet eachother soon.
Then we can lay in the grass together and look up at the moon.
You can tell me that you love me and I will say it right back.
You and I could make a pack.
If ever you and I were apart for a day.
We would look up at the sky and pray were okay.
Knowing we would someday append.
And never ever would we contend.
So I will sign my name at the bottom of this poem and seal it with a kiss. Hoping that you will come find me when you read this

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