November 6, 2007
By Merissa Bernardic, Kansas City, MO

I watch the rain soak the emerald grasses
With pitter patters on my window
As I dream of dreams
Too far fetched to be realities.
I wipe the strands of tears staining my face
Away in a hurry
As I remember the pearl smile and rose red cheeks
The way we would laugh and sing.
Oh, I miss you mommy!
Sitting alone in my room with nothing but the teddy bear
I had received at birth.
I hug it tight,
For I remember the days we would all play together
Just you, me, and teddy.
Because daddy had left us long ago, so long ago
I don’t remember his face.
That drunk driver stole your life away.
And now mommy, I’m all alone!
And I’m tired of my dreams being so far fetched.
I close my eyes and rest my head
Filled with sorrow
Tears stain my goose feather pillow
And I dream of you and see your grace
Standing upon the golden clouds, waiting for me.
Waiting to be reunited with your little girl again.
Mommy, don’t be sad
You don’t have to cry for me.
But thank you mommy
For your tears,
They wet the earth
And help the pretty flowers bloom.

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