From Every Form of Heritage

November 6, 2007
I am from strings of fake pearls, chipped and faded with wear
The dusty, dried roses, lingering next to the old movie tickets she saved
From the mileage that ended the lives of several cars.
I'm from the soul and twang of my fathers voice
Conceived, but unborn before the wedding
I'm from the crumbled dreams of high school dropouts,
A family of believers
From unmemorized Bible verses
and the hour drive either way.
I'm from divorce, though it doesn't define me.
I am the result of teenage arrogance and infatuation.

I am from the lead and eraser debris carelessly brushed away
From the swiftness of my pen dancing sloppily across the blue lines
and between the red ones.
I'm from the wax on the scuffed wooden panels of the stage floor
Waiting to feel the angry tap of shoes.
I'm from behind the century-old scarlet curtain, the squeal of the microphone,
rhythm and pulse.
My heart pumps with the curious dotted half-note;
I live with stage makeup, thickly caked on my face.
I'm from the deeply inhaled, well-planed, effortlessly released big note
near the end of the song.
I am the daughter of the affair between paper and the stage.

I am from the friction of the knife chopping freely on the cutting board
From the British voice proclaiming, “Congratulations, you're through the next round!”
Broadway lights, bold costumes, and yearlong world tours!
I'm from the warm, sweet smelling, freshly printed paperback novel
With my name printed on the cover.
From blades of grass flying from my cleats.
I am from the heart carved into the tree with my husband years ago
The minivan driving, successfully dressed soccer mom
I am far from Ohio.

I am from the dangling white cord of my iPod,
The cheesy love notes carefully written by my ex-boyfriend.
From shopping for prom dresses, polka dot blouses, and crocheted sweaters
I'm from stained glass blue eyes.
Hair, previously red and stripped back to it's natural color
I want flowy dresses and pointed toe shoes.
I'm from dancing to Hellogoodbye in the rain or shine
“Bonnie Taylor Shakedown”, “Two Weeks in Hawaii”, and “Touchdown Turnaround”.
From jumping in puddles with my little brother,
I'm from hopes and dreams of seeing the world and getting out of this place.
From unicorns, leoplurodons, and Candy Mountain-
I'm over Myspace and onto Zac Eferon.
I am the unfinished product of the high school experience.

I am a daughter, a Christian, a writer, and actress, a singer, a chef, the next American Idol, a Broadway star, a poet, a soccer player, a mother, a wife, an ex-girlfriend, a blond, a sister, a rain dancer.

I am from the widest assortment of dreams.

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