November 5, 2007
As she slices away, the feeling of relief comes like an adrenaline rush spreading through every vein in her body
The knife penetrates into her frail skin
Warm blood oozes down her face
Seeping into her eyes
She cries tears of blood
She forgot the difference between sane and deranged
Attempts to help her are wasted as soon as sharp objects come in sight
Her curly locks hide past scars
The pain she feels keeps her numb
She leads a depressing life
She can’t see past her pity
Her enemy lives within
The façade she hides behind is faceless
Her soul is naked
Her heart jumps at the call of “Ana”
Considering her only way out
A fresh wound is opened
The flesh rips at her throat
Her life’s story plays in her head
She inhales her last breath
She remains motionless
Her corpse falls on the marble floor with a silent thud
A twisted smile forms on her colorless lips
It’s the first time her silver eyes express true peace

Her coffin is being lowered
Her mother whispers “my little girl”
Her father’s vacant stare
Sobs fill the air like thunder clashing on a stormy day
Rain falls from dark ominous clouds
Those who loved her were naïve to her self-torture
She finally understands what it is to be free

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