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October 8, 2010
See there are many women that come and goes in a man’s life.
But the potential of this girl made me think about how I start my day.
Sometimes I didn’t know what to do
Others days I forgot what to say
Every day I’ll wake up comparing her to something like being a rose that blooms in spring.
Other days shell be known as the snow that winter brings
Every time she left me breathless
But not before I had to confess that she reminded me of the sun in my day which left my heart broke when I knew it was the end of our day.
The wind in my sky, by every time it begins to blow it feels like you took the breath right out of me.
The waves in my ocean, looking at the ripples made me compare us to the water as you drifted farther and farther away
The beat in my heart, that skipped a beat when I looked in your eyes.
But still I know
Even though she took my words on the very next day
I was okay with what happened when she told me what she had to say

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