if only he was my romantic time

October 8, 2010
Every time i hear your name
My heart and soul makes me go insane
The way your lips form when you start to talk
I can always tell your emotions by the way you walk
The way you breathe silently
Its the attention you want
your heavy heart beat is a rhyme that seems like a sweet melody
The word love is always used
But cant we have romantic times
when she’s mad at you
The thought in my mind is the only sign that shows the word love Rather than hate
Can i still stay up late talking about a man
that is not mine to share
She is there with him to spare the romantic time
That i wish i can rip up and tear
I stare at the two
Am i a fool who cant move on or get through
That he is in love with thee
But not interested in me
why does his eyes glow
when a gush of winds blow
As far as i know
If he was mine
Ill walk hand and hand into the morning stars
And tuck him underneath my cloudy arms
And let him stay warm onto my sunny soul
If only he was mine.

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