Twists and turns so sudden and swerved

November 5, 2007
Twists and turns so sudden and swerved

A sheathing of lustrous black and auburn over the body

Joy is never expressed on this blank visage

It looks back at me

Haunting stare

Deafening screech

Unspoken words, too hard to converse

They are said in silent communication

Specks of golden lightning thrust upon

the crest

Sometimes white as day, black as night

The head turns, revealing deplorable,

wicked eyes

The pupils of a predator so ruthless

yet so valiant

It is obvious yet puzzling

Both at the same time

It’s beautiful expression almost pasted

on the face

The silhouette against the full moon

Brings old memories back to my mind

Memories of sadness and depression

Too astonishing to actually look real

Its senses sharp as a blade

Yet no idea of what is under the

delicate casing of the soft plumage

It looks away from my hard gaze,

calling to others with its high pitched


I turn around, and behind me, I hear it

soar away into the clouds

The sound of flight barely above a


I stare up into the moonlight and watch

it gently float into the presence of

its family,

Feeling as if weight has been lifted up

from my shoulders and I can take off

into the air

The owl can be such an intriguing


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