My life, my hat

November 5, 2007
My life, my hat

Knitting around the knitting loom around and around I go.
I pull each loop over a peg to make a round.
It grows longer and longer.
The further I go the more mistakes.
Trying to fix it is a pain.
Pulling them out is frustrating.
The same as life and your mistakes, sometimes you make a mess.
That seems impossible, and then you must start over again.
But do not dwell, you can fix it.
Now you try to be more careful paying close attention to what you are doing.
You make only one mistake, no need to pull it out.
All that is needed is just a repair and I am fine.
My hat is almost done.
I am ready to pull it off the loom.
I close it up to make a hat. With all my hard work, it is finished. It is the most beautiful hat you have ever seen.

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