My Goodbyes

November 5, 2007
By Nicholas Marshall, Clarkston, MI

My Goodbyes

I’ve locked my self
From the world
Nothing can reach me
At least for the time being
You’ll have to go on with your life
Without ever seeing me
Nobody else will help you
No one will put up with you
Except for me
You won’t know I’m dead
You were the person I once loved
I’m nothing nothing at all
A figment of your imagination
I’ve heard you’ve been looking for me
That in itself
Should have worried me
But it didn’t
You’re crying now
Like so many have done be fore
Maybe one day you’ll forgive me
I’ll always be watching you
And you’ll always remember this day
No matter how long ago it was
You’ll remember
I look down at you
And you looking up at me
For a moment were together
If that’s the words for it
Then moments later
The beautiful sky becomes dark
And it starts to rain
Washing me from your life
As you go from one nothingness
To another

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