Nothing could ever separate us.

November 5, 2007
I remember that cold, October night,
You and I lying on our backs,
Staring up into the clear, autumn sky,
Covered with a blanket of bright shining stars.
You whispered a question into my ear,
That to this day, sends shivers down my spine.
Suddenly, the night wasn’t as cold,
As a warm feeling permanently settled into my heart.
The first kiss,
Wonderful, surprising, scary and sweet,
Wrapped into one spectacular moment.
Each one since then has given me the same feeling,
One I’ve vowed to never forget.

Gradually we got used to each other.
Days with you couldn’t get any better.
But I became almost too comfortable with you,
Letting you see a side of me you did not deserve.
Crying, fighting, sleepless nights,
It would always be better the next day,
And, although we did not know it yet,
Those nights would scar our lives forever.
To this day, I still blame myself.
I was selfish, unforgiving,
Always looking for faults.
I began to lose the feeling of love,
But only for a while.
I waited too long to forgive you for something
You never even knew you did.

Days seemed drained of the fun times we once had.
Every little thing set me off
And soon you began to break.
I worried that I may have gone too far,
And you let me know that I had.
Another girl had entered your life,
And slowly,
Little by little,
She began to replace me.

We both thought we were doing what was best,
And we promised we would still be friends.
It was impossible not to stay connected.
You knew I wanted you back,
But I needed you to return the feeling.
You began to realize that what you wanted,
And what you needed,
Could be found in the same person.

I remember the day, not long ago,
When you told me how you really felt.
And when you said those words in person,
They came out light as air,
Truer than any other time you had told me before…
I love you.
From that moment on,
Nothing could ever separate us.

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