Dead but not dying

November 5, 2007
By Tessa Barton, Kalispell, MT

Dead but not dying

She sleeps alone
But she is not feeling scared,
Because she can still feel them there -
The warming memories
and the caring touch.
She is not alone.

She looks old and grey,
“Grammy”…her grandchildren say.
But she dreams of the old times -
They bring that pep back to her step.

Prom queen and track star…
The wrinkles, the color spots,
All of them representin’ that
She was the gangsta, in her time.

She dreams of her first love,
Picnics in the warm sunset,
Swimming together, more clothes…
then none.
Her first love’s not here now,
But her love shall never falter.

He’s there –
She can feel his touch
When she sleeps alone.
She is not worried.
The love and the learned wisdom
Will always be there.
She is not alone.

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