November 5, 2007

She sits back in the chair and rocks a bit,
pondering the days “way back when.”
She smiles, remembering,
The warm, summer days out in her father’s field.
The days when she was younger
now seem so lost and forgotten.
It’s only at times like these,
that she has time to think,
and to remember.
The wrinkles on her face are a constant reminder
of her earlier years,
just as the wrinkles in time.
Her face is content, yet unsurprised,
she looks to the book,
not really understanding what the pages have to offer.
She knows the book from front to back-
She’s just trying to fill her empty soul.
The book is filled with many memories, and pictures.
She smiles, remembering.
She falls asleep in her faithful, old rocking chair,
always comforting and inviting.
The long-lost days of her youth,
are still vivid in her mind.

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