Only Thirteen

November 5, 2007
You say I am only thirteen,
The day I become a teenager,
For the whole year,
That is all I could hear.
I listen to my music too loud,
But even if it’s quiet,
My choices do not make you proud,

Another year,
“You’re only fourteen…”
It scared you to think of me
As a high school freshman.
I complained that you did not treat me any differently,
Then when I was thirteen.
You said you would,
But did not say when.

Another year,
A sophomore with a boyfriend.
“You’re only fifteen…”
More rules, restrictions, and curfews.
It still makes me mad because of what
You would not let me do.

Growing older, more mature,
Junior year,
“You’re only sixteen…”
That annoying, childish chant
Still ringing in my ears.
Fighting, screaming, endless nights
Of crying and disappointment.

The words you spoke were so dry,
Drained from all emotion.
It was finally becoming clear,
The message being sent.
Seventeen, a boring age.
But for me it was one year older.
I still wish to be treated differently,
To be let out of this cage.

You and I,
We are not the same.
I’m not a lion you are trying to tame.
Clothes, music,
The gap between us is growing day by day.
But I still love you despite the years –
As long as you will be there for me,
To listen and to dry my tears.

Try to understand this new generation,
Even If it scares you;
It is scaring me too.
Next year I’ll be eighteen.
But that won’t be the only thing I am.
I’ll be myself, my age,
And here to take a stand.
So what will you do?
Hold me near,
Or let me go?

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