Make Believe

November 5, 2007
By Ashley Reed, Mannheim, ZZ

A girl dreams of the dragons and sorcerers,
Who come alive from the intricate tales
Her mother weaves before her
To take her to another land
Where it sunny all day
Before she drifts into sleep
Away from the one room shack
Jimmied between buildings
In the middle of the projects
Of a darker place.
Every morning that same young girl
Looks out of the windows of that little shack
‘Gazing to the heavens’ just as her mother had
Described the princesses doing
She looks above the cracked pavement
Above the crack house next door
Above the roaring, beeping highway
Into the sky
The only place that hadn’t been spoiled by the
Troubles of the world
And that little girl
That imaginary princess-to-be
"If I try,
Can I possibly make it
To my make-believe dream?”

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