The Living Right of Ants

October 2, 2010
By JCgirl SILVER, Hacienda Heights, California
JCgirl SILVER, Hacienda Heights, California
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Ants climbing on the ceiling
Ants on the carpet traveling
Ants moving in line, crowding
Like peak time traffic going
Up the shelf slowly carrying
Away with cookie frosting
Away with drop of drinking
Away with my ants loving
I stood watch them surprising
One by one thieves escaping
Tissue on my hand waving
Wiped all the thieves dying
Looked at thieves body unmoving
Suddenly, I feel regretting
They are small but living
Which Mother Nature raising
Just like a war, a moving
Kill dozens of the living
Still, they deserved punishing
They were thieves came here stealing
Steal away my sweets loving
Never would love returning
I hated what I was doing
Yet, want to give them warning
Don’t come, not at this timing
Wait until I am sleeping
Then you’ll have the right living

The author's comments:
The thing inspired my to write this poem was in this summer I killed so many ants. I regret it and I wish I done something differently, because ants have the right living,right?

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