My Little Sister

October 6, 2010
By Nish_M BRONZE, Male&#39, Other
Nish_M BRONZE, Male&#39, Other
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She was my little sister
And was a nine year older
She was the greatest ever
I thought she would leave me never
But who knows what will happen next ?
It was never in a written text
And without even saying goodbye,one day,
She left this world leaving me away
Even though she left me by
In my heart will her memories lie
Even if life is without her a miser
I'm glad that she was my little sister

The author's comments:
The death of my nine year old younger sister made me write this peom....She was a cancer patient.It was when she was just five years old that we came to know that she had cancer.As we were in Maldives that time,we hardly knew which sickness she'd got,but some how we managed to come to India and consult her to a doctor.We came to know that she was in the third stage of cancer,she'd a tumour which was attached to one of her kidneys.The doctor told us that he can't say whether my sister will be alright forever.The operation which was done to remove the tumour was successful,my sister had to continue kimo (the life long treatment given to cancer patients)for one more year.Just after one year,again another tumour,this time from her neck,appeared.But then,we didn't have enough to spend for her treatment and the operation,so we wrote a letter to the Maldivian government.As the reply from there was late,my mom asked my father to give an amount.My mom and dad have been separated since I was seven years old.My dad said that his children were dead for him and that he didn't want to give any amount for any of our needs..It was a large amount that we needed,1lakh Indian Rupees just for an injection which the doctor gave 100% guarantee that my sister will be cured forever..Two months passed as we waited for the help from our government..My sister's health was going down day by day.She started vomiting a lot and hardly was able to eat anything.After a few days we got help and without wasting anytime we went for the injection.The doctor there said that he can't give the injection to my sister cause she's vomiting uncontrollably and that the injection would be of no use if so.The doctor wanted to know what was wrong with my sister so suddenly,so he did some tests,from which it showed that the cancer has spreaded into my sister's whole body and that there was no hope anymore.The doctor told my mom about all this,and she barely could afford it.My sister spent two months admitted in the hospital and then was discharged to spend the very last days of her life at home.She died on a Monday morning,about four months later on 2February 2009.She was the only sister I had,and the most loving one too.I just hope that people who suffer would feel how other people live in this world and realise that they're not the only ones,and also be prepared always,and don't lose anytime in such conditions...

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