Storm Sestina

October 6, 2010
By Guardie11 BRONZE, The Plains, Ohio
Guardie11 BRONZE, The Plains, Ohio
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As the storm gets worse the power goes out
The thunder gets more intense and so does the wind
My mom continues to make dinner in the dark
I begin to see things fly past the window
Including my trampoline and some trees
I hide in a corner as the train sound comes closer

As the hail and flying objects hit my house my dog comes closer
With the storm calming I watch my neighbor come out
He can’t walk very far because of the trees
Quickly he runs back in as the storm comes back with wind
Soon it’s safe to come out as I watch people from my window
It’s hard to see all the damage done in the dark

My neighbors and I walk around and help in the dark
I could have died along with my house if it was closer
Houses on top of cars and smashed glass from a window
All the damage done now can’t be seen as the power is out
My trampoline is smashed against a shed due to wind
Don’t try to leave in a car, as you are boxed in with trees

People will be here soon to help with trees
But they need to find hurt people first before it gets to dark
A couch was lifted into a swimming pool by the wind
This tornado has helped the community grow closer
We have to stick together on these nights when the powers out
And when a tree could be through your window

It all seems so unreal like I’m looking through a window
How could something take down so much and trees
My life flashed before my eyes starting when the power went out
Hearing the destruction happen made me hide in the dark
Hoping I was safe and wishing it wouldn’t get closer
The sound of windows shattering and the rain in the wind

How could something have so much power in the wind
Houses smashing cars and knowing they went threw the window
Just thinking that could have been my house if it would have came closer
Hearing the destruction and echo of the crashing when the wind hit the trees
Not knowing how bad it truly is as it happened in the dark
Just wishing we would have left as soon as the power went out

Its time to rebuild and move on from the broken trees
I will never forget that night when I sat in a corner and watched out my window
At what can bring such destruction in the dark

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