Falling Far from Extacy

November 5, 2007
By Jackie White, Whitman, MA

title:Falling Far from Extacy

The world beneath me has fallen from underneath me. I’m floating in mid air. I’m panicking. Trying, trying so hard to grasp something to keep me from falling, but there’s nothing there to save me, I’m on my own. I’m so deep in this hole, this emptiness, there’s nothing but my dreams that are haunting me, they seem to slowly become all that surrounds me here where I’m to stay, this non-existence of space. I’m falling now no longer floating. Falling, falling, faster, please let there be someone to catch me, but I never stop falling, no one to catch me, no ground to hit, just falling deeper and deeper into this oubliette, torcher…I hit the bottom now, it wasn’t what I pictured what-so-ever. Only more tears to cry. Will I ever see my blue sky?

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on Oct. 23 2009 at 6:27 pm
TinyDancer BRONZE, Chadron, Nebraska
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I don't honestly believe I could have described that feeling more accurately. However, occasionally I catch myself enjoying the freedom of having no strings attached...by far less often do I worry about the dangers.


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