Ode to the Muse...

October 6, 2010
By karissalynb GOLD, Elmore, Ohio
karissalynb GOLD, Elmore, Ohio
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So now that we have talked it out, I know there's really no reason for me to pout I could feel the tears running down my face But you hugged me to put me in a happier place You said my lyric was really good And I smiled like I knew I should I finally told you how I felt And I felt myself begin to melt But I scraped myself up off the floor And continued to explain to you more I laughed and told you you're my muse And you smiled with that smile you used to use A smile that stretched across the tears Seeing knowledge probably stored for years So here I am again, writing about you But when I get the urge, I don't know what else to do So through fearm happinessm passion and rage I'm taking a bow on Cupid's stage You tell me my sense of feeling is good And that feeling this way is how I should So with just being friends I'll try to be content My body is tired and my heart is spent

The author's comments:
So that ex and I talked things out and I really wasn't ready to lose him so I tried to hold on to what was left and make a friendship as my now current boyfriend was trying to help me through everything

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