An Unbelievably Rainy Day

October 6, 2010
By stphn_101 BRONZE, Kaneohe, Hawaii
stphn_101 BRONZE, Kaneohe, Hawaii
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Watching the rain pour,
Hoping that it wont rain anymore,
Seeing that the sun wont come out,
My mind is filled with nothing but doubt,

Stormy clouds fill the sky,
Along with a thunder lullaby,
Thousands of pitter-pattering on the ground,
All you can hear is this monotnous sound,

Puddles fill the empty streets,
The only thing that you can see,
Gray is the color that covers this scene,
Unlike the sun's bright shining beams,

Extrememly bored out of my mind,
If only I could speed up time,
What else can I say,
For this unbelievably rainy day?

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