Entitled: Now...

November 4, 2007
By Amanda Hawkins, Wolcottville, IN

Entitled: Now...

I never gave it much thought before,
I knew I liked him, that was enough.
But never thought much about
....well.... The military life.
I said the Pledge,
like everyone else.
But it never affected me much,
What our Soldiers do for us,
Until that fateful day,
When I could finally call one mine.

Now, it's a daily routine of mine,
to say the Pledge of Allegiance with Respect, and Honor.
And to offer up prayers, during moments of silences.

Now, I am one of the few,
Who worry 24/7, and wait for a phonecall here, or a letter there.

Now, I get online daily,
To check for updates on him, and the war.
Along with updated discussion boards, and online support groups.
Heh, You would to if you had a loved one got deployed overseas,
or not quite there yet, and you didn't know what to do.

Now, I have gotten to know people in the post office,
Along with the cashier at the store down the road,
So I can buy paper, and write letters and mail care packages to him.

Now, I know all the major news stations, radio and tv,
and websites, by heart...

Now, I am one who can't kiss him just because I want to...
Or call him because something happened...

Now, I am one who doesn't take his presence for granted,
And I cherish every moment of it, when he's home.

Because Now...

Now, I am an Army Girlfriend.

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