"Horoscope of the Common Teenager"

November 4, 2007
Listen children, listen well
For the story I’m about to tell
For the lecture I’m about to give
Is of the life that you will shortly live

You will be bigger, tall and mean
Probably around the age thirteen
Hormones going on the rage
And everything starts to change

Then you pass the year later
And your age gets one year greater
Then you start to lose your mind
And wonder what ‘cool’ pleasures you can find

Then when you thought you’d had enough
You just keep on growing up
Be careful about the shadow you cast
It could cover up your innocent past

Seeing the light, almost out
More things to be flustered about
Though more mature your tendancies
Nobody can prevent teen pregnancy

The day has come, you are an adult
Time to take responsibilities for your faults
You realize how foolish you were way-back-when
Wish you could’ve taken back what you did back then

Heed this warning, heed it well
To the story you have heard me tell
If you don’t see it all the way through
You’ll realize the story was about you

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