no longer

November 4, 2007
no longer am i taken hostege
of your craziness.
no longer am i going
to get crazy calls during the night,
you telling me how much you hate me,
through all the drunkness.
no longer will you lie
to me.
no longer will i beleive
those darn lies.
no longer.

no longer will i get what
i didn't dish out.
no longer will i get something
that i didn't ask for.
no longer will you
rape my dreams.
no longer will i listen
to your stupid excuses.
no longer.

no longer will i feel
no longer will i wonder
where the time went.
no longer will i try and
figure you out.
no longer do i think
my life is pointless.
no longer do i love you.
no longer will i keep losing
my hope.
no longer will i let my dreams
no longer will i feel empty.
no longer.

i don't wonder how much longer
do i have to be miserable.
no longer do i miss you.
i'm getting better without you.
i let you go,
and the longer it gets from the
time i realized i didn't need you,
the better i get.
no longer.

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