Into the Sky

November 4, 2007
By Ryan Altinger, Friendswood, TX

There he stood next to a door, leading into the sky,
Attached to a parachute ready to go for a fly.
Not sure as to what to expect, but ready to beat the rest,
Ten seconds to go and ten seconds until he has to give his best.
Four seconds with anxiousness coming upon,
He gathers his composure and is now ready to float on.
Alas he walks through the door leading to the sky then falls,
Around this infinite room just entered he crawls.
Feeling like a leaf in the wind he grinned.
With nothing to control him or make him move,
It appeared as if he was in some sort of groove.
But unfortunately end of this airborne crawl is nearing,
He pulled his parachute and to the ground slowly veering.
After his landing he looked up to the infinite room he had crawled,
Ready to again someday fall.

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