November 4, 2007
By Adele C. Smith, Rochester, NY

Talk, talk, talk
Talk and people stare so hard the noise is deafening
Doors are locked, phones are ringing
Under surveillance
But you're not insane and the voices you hear
Are your very own thoughts
So blurry shadows in white come
And mommy says it'll be okay

Cry, cry, cry
Cry until shadows in white arrive
Needles in latex hands
Cry until sedated
Anesthetized into turvy topsy dreams
They keep you locked
In a padded cell
But there is no haven from monsters
Monsters they formed in your mind

Scream, scream, scream
Scream silently in your dreams
Shadows in white hold you down
Electroshock and pills
Liquid death
Technology is the cure all
But there is no cure for the demon
The demon that resides in hell
The hell they sealed you in forever.

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