poems i made up

October 5, 2010
By Wolf3 BRONZE, San Diego, California
Wolf3 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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walking through the darkness alone
out of fear i closed my eyes
as i walked back into the light
fear kept my eyes closed
beleiving i would forever be
trapped within the darkness
i turned my back on the light
and accepted the darkness
while cursing the world that
someday i would burn and it
would burn with me

i stand watching a man whose eyes seem
very familiar behind him my city still burns
i lift my hand and he copies my movements
i reach my hand out and touch glass
i turn around and no one stand there
while farther back my city burns
i turn around and the man still
stands there staring at me
i look into his eyes and understand
i am looking into a mirror at myself
at the monster i have become

my city burns and they all burn
with it guilty as well as innocent
the ghosts of their past, present,
and future all burn besides them
i climb to the highest point available
as i look down and watch them destroy
each other i wordlessly scream my
hatred for this world both prey and
predator stop in fear of what i am
silence prevails for a few seconds
then as i fade back into the shadows
i whisper "welcome to my world"

The author's comments:
just something i made up

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