October Country

October 5, 2010
By Annie_K PLATINUM, Brentwood, Tennessee
Annie_K PLATINUM, Brentwood, Tennessee
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The leaves begin to change
Orange, red, yellow, and brown
And from the trees they fall down, down, down
The winds begin to differ from the summer breeze
And though it is chilly, it is not yet a freeze
This is October country
This is the time
When children gather candy and on it they do dine
The nights come quicker than they have before
And people gather around fires to tell of ancient folklore
These stories they do speak of are far beyond the norm
And if you let them frighten you, shadows begin to form
They dance along the edges of your worst nightmare
And if they get too close, it is you they want to scare
This is October country
This is the time
When the ghosts of long lost souls rest among the pine
The moon shines brighter on these autumn nights
Its luminescence as clear as a thousand candle lights
The pumpkins have faces that laugh and smile
And they are surrounded by leaves in a pile
They sit upon the front porch, waiting to greet
All the Trick or Treaters that they wish to meet
The scarecrows sit atop the crops
To scare off the big, black crows
A big favor they do for the farmer, for they are their worst foes
This is October country
This is the time
When cats sit upon fences and watch the stars shine
The wolves howl louder in this time of year
For they know that All Hallows Eve is near
The candy is stacked in piles so high
That one would think they would reach the night sky
The rappers so colorful, the taste so divine
You know only Halloween can create candy so fine
The children wait anxiously for that one night a year
And when it is over, they do shed a tear
This is October country
This is the time
The one night a year being different is not a crime

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