Weeping Widows Sorrow

October 5, 2010
By Mandarae95 BRONZE, Auburn, Maine
Mandarae95 BRONZE, Auburn, Maine
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It has been quite lonesome without you here. Each day it is becoming harder and harder to live without you. Oh my love when are you coming back to me? When are you coming back to mend this shattered heart of mine? As each day passes it brings me another day where I won’t be in your arms, feeling safe and warm, like nothing will harm me. Or where I won’t have that feeling of nothing else in the world matters but us. Oh how I wish to hear your voice again one last time. To see your smiling face for just one last second. Every night I swear I can hear you say, “Why, my darling wake up! This is just a dream, open your eyes, and everything will be all right.” Only to wake in despair, seeing nothing but darkness, grasping nothing but air. Hearing the eerie silence, only for it to be disturbed by a weeping widows cries. Oh how I try not to cry. How I try to move on with my life, as everyone tells me to do. They all think I’ve moved on, that I’ve come accustomed to this lonely life. Oh how wrong they are.

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